Monday, June 18, 2012

Vera Bradley Tag!

Hey everyone! I was watching a video on youtube called the Vera Bradley Tag and I decided to fill it out here since I absolutely LOVE VB! The creator of the tag is jargirl08 on youtube! Lets get started!
1. What are three of your favorite patterns? My three favorite patterns at the moment are Priscilla Pink (dying for the iPhone case in this!), Twirly Bird Pink, and Mocha Rouge.
2. What are three of your favorite discontinued patterns? Three of my favorite discontinued patterns (that I truly regret not having anything in) are Call Me Coral, Raspberry Fizz, and Pinwheel Pink.
3. What are three items on your wishlist? The new iPhone case, Mini Hipster, and a scarf.
4. What was your first Vera Bradley? My first Vera Bradley was the Clip Zip ID in Very Berry Paisley!
5. What made you like Vera Bradley? I loved the fun colors and patterns that Vera Bradley had to offer. A lot of girls in my school had Vera items and seeing how cute they were made me really want one.
6. What's something you have from Vera Bradley you don't really use? Honestly, I really use everything I have. If anything, I would have to say my Viva La Vera Jumbo Clips. Nothing against Vera, I just didn't need these big clips this semester since most of my classes were only exams and a few online assignments.
Post your answers to the tag below!
XOXO, Michelle

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