Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Scarf Collection

Hey everyone! Fall and Winter are quickly approaching and my favorite accessory for the cold weather is a scarf! As you'll see, I have many, many scarves! I can't help it, I love them and wear them all the time. Some are older and I don't wear them as often, and some are newer and more trendy. Some are warmer, some are made just to be fashionable. Anyways, enjoy!

MALL HAUL! Forever 21, Nordstrom, and American Eagle!

Hey everyone! Here's another mall haul! It may sound like I have a lot of these lately, but I never exactly did "back to school" shopping, so now I'm doing it in increments when necessary! These are the lovely things I picked up. Enjoy! BTW, everything was purchased by me, as are all my hauls unless my mom pays! I have a job and I'm a student. Just some disclosure. Anywho, on to the good stuff!

Forever 21
I had every intention of getting a navy blue cardigan and, of course, Forever 21 didn't have what I was looking for. In full honesty, there weren't a lot of good things at F21 today, but I love the sweaters I found!

I loooove this sweater. It's a little chunky but nothing too over the top and I can't wait to wear it. It's super comfy too! This was $19.80.

This sweater is pretty simple but I like the stripes at the top. I figure this would be a nice sweater that's easy to wear with brown boots. I love how long the sleeves are, too often I find that sleeve lengths are too short on me! I believe this was $16.80.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Question Time!

Hey everyone! I just have a few questions for my lovely followers. Please answer below in the comments! Thanks :)
1. Do you like Polyvore posts?
2. Do you have any requests? Feel free to let me know! I'm totally accepting requests right now and looking for more ideas.
3. Fashion or make up?
4. What's your favorite kind of post: polyvore posts, trend watch, make up tutorials, product reviews, or mall hauls?

xoxo Michelle

Polyvore: My Favorite Beauty Products!

My Favorite Beauty Products

Polyvore: Burberry Body Set

Burberry Body Set

bee tee dubs, this is my submission for "Burberry Body," in case you were wondering why it's so Burberry themed!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trend Watch: Fall Trends

Here is a roundup of the biggest trends for the fall season! These are the things to look out for while you're shopping for something new and getting rid of those colorful tees and short shorts until next summer. These are totally school appropriate because, lets get real, the things you see on the runway aren't always exactly publicly accepted. For example, tuxedos was a trend at fashion week, but I would never wear something that resembled a tuxedo out in public! I included a few pictures so you could get a good feel as to what to get if you want to go shopping for the fall trends!

Oversized Sweaters

Found at Nordstrom for $39
I'm so, so in love with this sweater and I wish I had it. It's perfect for the oversized sweater trend, as it's, well, oversized. It's perfect because of the half-length sleeves with tight ends and the bottom of the sweater is somewhat fitted, rather than being too baggy that it's not form fitting.

Found At Forever 21 For $27.80
This sweater is a different approach because, clearly, it's a cardigan, but it's chunky and therefore it still qualifies as an oversized sweater without being overwhelming. Plus, stripes are in this season, and the dark tone is perfect for fall.

Polyvore: Prints Charming

Prints Charming