Friday, August 26, 2011

Homecoming Dresses

I know it's a little bit early, but I'm in a dress kind of mood, so here are a few dresses for every girl's style. My high school never had a homecoming dance, and I was always jealous of the schools who had a homecoming dance or a spring fling dance or any kind of dance, because all we had was prom! I wish I had more opportunities to wear dresses like these, but I guess I'm living vicariously through this blog! Here are my top picks for homecoming dresses. Each style has a splurge dress and a deal dress, enjoy!

First off, I just want to show you guys the dress I would love to wear to a Homecoming dance if I were able to splurge on a dress.

Photo found/dress can be bought here for $298
I'm going into college now, so I've done my share of looking up prom dresses back in high school. I often found myself fawning over this dress, although I never ended up getting it. I did find a dress in the same light purple color that I love, but I still wish I could wear this dress, even though the price tag is more than I'd want to pay. Nonetheless, I will always love this dress! That's what I would wear, here are a few options if your style is a little bit different.....

Girly and Feminine
So you like feminine, pretty, pastel-y dresses? What girly-girl doesn't! The perfect dress for a girly girl is something flowy in a soft hue with just the right amount of bling and beading.
Splurge Dress

Photo Credit/Dress can be found here for $278
What I love about this dress is that it's fitted at the top and flows nicely at the bottom, unlike many short dresses that have a very pouffy bottom. It adds a soft feminine touch to the dress and keeps it girly instead of too much. The dazzling keyhole center and halter straps balance out the light bottom of the dress, and are just the perfect amount of bling.

Deal Dress

Photo credit/dress can be found here for $24.80
I absolutely love this dress. The rosettes give the dress the perfect feminine touch. The flowy a-line skirt is the same perk found in the splurge dress and are definitely a girly aspect. The blush color of the dress is also very soft and overall, I'd say this dress is the definition of feminine.

Shiny and Sleek
Who says the disco ball can be the shiniest thing at the party? If you like being the center of attention, a super-duper-sparkly dress is an absolute must. The more sequins, the better!
Splurge Dress

Photo Found/Dress can be bought here for $450
This dress is absolutely stunning, to say the least. What I like about it is that it's not a typical all-over-sparkle dress that would have just sequins all over and be a plain single color. This dress has fun and fabulous designs and swirls and shapes and, you can definitely see that in the price tag.

Deal Dress

Photo Found/Dress Can Be Bought Here for $64
It may not have the same designs as the splurge dress, but this much cheaper version has just as much sparkle and wow-factor. I definitely like how they incorporated different shades of silver in this dress instead of just keeping it the same color.

For the daring girl who is not afraid to wear a wild, artsy, edgy, funky dress. (You go girl! Rock it!)
Splurge Dress

Photo Found/Dress can be bought here for $298
Do you love animal print? Sunset colors? Pouffy? I've found the dress for you, then. This dress is super fun and exciting and the perfect wild dress.

Deal Dress

Photo Found/Dress can be bought Here for $98
This dress is also edgy, but a bit toned down from the splurge dress. The top is black and the bottom is gathered and tiered fabric of all colors and animal patterns of sorts. It's funky. It's the younger sister of the splurge dress.

One Long Sleeve
This striking bold trend may be hard to pull off, but if you can, well, why wouldn't you flaunt it?
Splurge Dress

Photo found/dress can be bought here for $188
This dress is absolutely stunning. The purple color is almost electric and the gold blingy detail contrasts perfectly. The shoulder pad keeps this dress very trendy and it's just show stopping.

Deal Dress

Photo found/dress can be bought here for $19.80
This dress is different from the splurge dress because I wanted to include a different style of a long sleeve dress, and that with the flowy sleeve. This dress is still form fitting but not completely skin tight like the former dress. It has more of a club vibe to it and the "peekaboo cutout" gives this an extra twist.

So, you're not ready to let go of summer yet? You can still hold on to pretty flowers and bright colors in these dresses.
Splurge Dress

Photo found/dress can be bought here for $180
Seeking all flower lovers, we found your dress! This dress (along with the deal dress) show that there are ways to wear flowers without wearing an all-out floral print. It's very cute and very girly.

Deal Dress

Photo found/dress can be bought here for $99
I love how this dress has floral elements, but it's not completely overpowered by a floral print. This dress is super cute and if flowers are your thing, it's perfect for homecoming!

So, it's a school event, but maybe you still want to look a little bit sexy. It might not be the easiest thing to do without looking trashy, but I think a nude colored dress with some bling is perfect.
Splurge Dress

Photo Found/Dress can be bought here for $178
I didn't plan on including this category, but when I saw this dress I knew I had to. This dress is perfectly sexy and flirty. It's not too short or too low cut or too much; the sweetheart neckline, form-fitting, sparkly dress will wow your classmates and make all the guys wish you were their date!

Deal Dress

Photo found/Dress can be bought here for $19.80
Red is the fiercest and sexiest color and the cutouts on this dress only add to that. Although simple, this dress will make you pop against a crowd. It's simple yet striking.

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