Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tropical Trendy

A few weeks ago, I came back from a lovely Caribbean Cruise. We visited different islands, and in Saint Thomas I picked up the cutest little shoulder satchel/cross body bag. It is lovely and cute and I love using it! It is, of course in my signature color pink and has a cute little lady bug on it, which reminds me of my childhood because I always wore these ladybug earrings my parents got for me. Here is a close up:

Of course, it isn't super roomy, but it holds my phone and keys and there's still room if you wanted to put a chapstick or something in there. There is a zipper pocket on the back that I like to keep my money in. I don't really like to keep money out in the open with things like this or wristlets when there's only a button closure, I don't find it really safe and it's easy to lose just by taking out your phone. This is the back:

Do you have any unique souvenirs from where you went this summer?

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