Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How To: Bring Out Blue Eyes with Makeup

Note: I don't have blue eyes, but these are just some things I have seen work for other people and have heard previously. Hope it helps, enjoy!

Using the Opposite Side of the Spectrum: Orange
Okay, no one really wears orange unless its Halloween. But, there are ways to wear a shade of orange without looking totally crazy. Some examples are copper, bronze, peach, coral, or rust (which is 100% in for the fall season!). The darker colors like copper, bronze and rust can be used in the crease if you don't want to have an all-over-dark lid. If you don't want to use peach or coral on your eyes, you can use a coral or peachy blush. My recommendation is Nars Orgasm blush, its super pretty and shimmery so it'll bring out the blue in your eyes and give you a nice glow.

Picture From Sephora

Although I don't have blue eyes, a trick I see on blue-eyed girls all the time is silver; it makes the eyes pop so much! There are two different ways that I believe any girl can make silver work. The first, and my favorite, would be winged silver eyeliner. I saw a picture of Taylor Swift wearing this look for a concert (and, unfortunately, I have never been able to find that photo again for this post!) and fell in love! My top pick would be Urban Decay's 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Bobby Dazzle. The second option would be to use silver eyeshadow on your lid and a dark grey, dark silver, or charcoal in your crease.

Iridescent Shadows
I personally think the trick to making your eyes pop is to use an iridsecent shadow, and there's a perfect eyeshadow for that. I saw a review for this product recently and immediately thought it would work well for blue eyes, because it is silver and has a blue iridescent shimmer. Blue brings blue out, but I don't know many people who wear bright blue eyeshadow on a daily basis. And the miracle product is, Urban Decay eyeshadow in Strip! Urban Decay describes it as a "very metallic bluish-silver." Could you hope for anything better for blue eyes?!

Picture From Temptalia

Blue Eyeliner
So maybe you're not into wearing bright blue eyeshadow, but blue eyeliner on your lower lid could do the trick. The blue on your lower lid will bring out the blue in your eye. Use a medium to dark blue eyeliner, but nothing too dark.

What's your trick to making your eyes stand out?

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