Sunday, August 21, 2011

How To Bring Out Green Eyes With Makeup

As a bearer of green eyes, I often find myself trying to bring them out and make them appear brighter. We've all heard the "opposite-side-of-the-spectrum" rule, and most people recommend purple to bring out green eyes. But let's get real--how many people will actually go out in public with bright purple eyeshadow on? Unless you're one of the lucky few that can rock it, you might want to go for a more subtle look. Here's a few ideas!
Light Purple
Good one, Michelle--right? Of course, the easiest way to work purple without looking too over-the-top and bright is light purple. A light shade like this can be swept over the entire lid. You can use a lavendar shade, but my choice would be Bordello by Urban Decay.

Iridescent Purple
Everyone thinks about purple when bringing out green eyes, but I think a lot of people forget about a shade that appears one color, but has an iridescent purple shimmer. This may be harder to find, but I have a beautiful shade like this in my bh cosmetics palette! It appears to be a shimmery champagne/nude color but really reflects light purple. It's so gorgeous, I love using half of this on my eye and a light brown (like Too Faced's "Silk Teddy") on the other half! Here is a swatch of the iridescent shade from my palette.

Shimmery Brown and Gold
Although it's not as credited as purple, a shimmery brown will work wonders for green eyes. Gold will work just as nicely, although I personally don't like the look of gold on my eyes. I find that using a shimmery light brown or shimmery champagne color, green eyes will POP! My favorite is the aforementioned "Silk Teddy" by Too Faced (picture below) and It definitely brings out the green in my eyes. The shimmer makes your eyes sparkle, too, as opposed to matte. Try a shade like this!

While the main focus is on eyeshadow, eyeliner is a key point as well to making sure your green eyes pop instead of dull down. The best choices for eyeliner would be dark brown, metallic gold, or dark purple/plum. You should try to stay away from black or silver because they will do nothing for your eyes.

If you want to change up your mascara, try a dark purple or plum shade. My recommendation is Benefit's Bad Gal Lash in Plum. I adore this mascara. It dries pretty dark, you can barely tell it was purple (which is nice, so you won't look freaky with purple eyelashes) but there is still purple there of course, and it brings out the green in your eyes.

What's your trick for bringing out your eyes?

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