Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mall Haul!

Hi everyone! I went to the mall the other night in search of new baggy sweaters, a lip gloss, and new shoes and got all of the above! If you'd like to "come shopping with me," continue reading below!
Forever 21
At Forever 21, I found two adorable sweaters and one cute shirt. The sweaters are both baggy and cropped (just what I wanted!) and the shirt is baggy and comfy and cute and perfect for a lazy day at school or to glam up with accessories. I don't remember the specific prices but I think the prices ranged from $13-20.

Abercrombie and Fitch
Like I just said, I was totally on the hunt for baggy, oversized shirts and I could not resist this ultra comfy long sleeve striped shirt from A&F. Super cute and chic without even trying! It was more than I wanted to pay at $33, but I know I"ll be wearing it all winter long.

I fully intended on getting either a stila lip glaze or nars lip gloss, but instead wounded up getting a sephora lip gloss because all of the colors for stila and nars were terrible! Wah! Well, anyway, I absolutely adore this lip gloss and I'm so glad I got it, even if $14 is a little too much for sephora-brand. And check out that wand! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.The color is super cute and my boyfriend loves it on, yay!

Steve Madden
This was the big splurge of the trip but I'm so in love with these shoes that they were worth every penny. I haven't broken out the boots yet, since it's still August, but I couldn't help but wearing the moccasins to work and they are SO comfortable! I absolutely love them and I wish I could wear them every single day.

What's on the top of your list for back to school?

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