Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rainbow Eyes

Tutorial: Rainbow Eyes!

The other day I got very bored, so I decided to do some rainbow eye makeup! I've always seen videos of this on youtube and decided to give it a try. Here's my rendition!
Products used: bh cosmetics 88 color palette standard shimmer eyeshadow

Step One: Red on eyelid

Apply a red eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye and drag it out to about 1/3 of your eye. Use one side of your eyeshadow brush.

Step Two: Orange on eyelid

Next, apply on orange shadow on the middle of the eye. Imagine your eye in 3 divisions, and the first was just red. Now, make the middle orange. As you can see, the shadow I used is more gold than orange. However, it showed up more bronze and quite orange on the eye. Use the other side of your eye shadow brush to apply. To blend the shadows so that they fade to the next color instead of having a harsh line, go back and forth with the opposite sides of the brush, but make sure you're just blending the middle instead of blending the whole eye.

Step Three: Yellow on eyelid

Use a yellow shadow on the remaining 1/3 of your eye. Use the side of the brush that you had initially used for red to apply this, and follow the same blending procedure as in step two. It may take awhile to get the color looking as opaque as you wish, and patting on the color will help it get brighter.

Step Four: Green in Crease

To get this look, I used an angled crease brush and swiped the eyeshadow in a 90 degree rotation. As in, I started with it straight up near the yellow and swiped 90 degrees towards the right and out on to the crease. Feel free to bring it out more than you would with your normal eye look. Blend in with yellow without overpowering either side and drag some of the green onto your lower lashline.

Step Five: Blue, Purple and Pink on Lower Lashline and Pink in tearduct

Use a liner brush or a smudge brush to apply the eyeliner to your lower lashline from blue to purple to pink. Drag the pink to your inner tearduct and into the red so that it all transitions. Blend the colors, but not too much. Touch up any areas you'd like and your rainbow eye look is complete!

Here are a few pictures of how my look came out:

Hope you enjoyed! Leave any comments or suggestions in the comments!

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